Top 10 Things to Pack for the Hospital for Adoptive Parents

Congratulations! You made it through the background checks, essay questions, blood tests, tightrope walking, and shark cages -- you're approved to adopt!! With our agency, as soon as you are approved, you could get a call AT. ANY. MOMENT. And that's exactly what happened. I expected a long wait, but after 18 days of being… Continue reading Top 10 Things to Pack for the Hospital for Adoptive Parents


How to Afford an Adoption (When It looks Impossible) Part 1

So you've taken a peek at the fees involved in an adoption and you're freaking out a bit, yes? Take a deep breath. Let it out. And don't give up on that dream. I wholeheartedly believe that God is very intentional about WHO he gives the dream of adoption to. So don't let the fees… Continue reading How to Afford an Adoption (When It looks Impossible) Part 1


Why Does Adoption Cost So Much?

When we finalized our first adoption, it was an exciting day.  Our agency representative, our lawyer, and our friends and family gathered inside a courtroom. We waited patiently for the judge to enter.  Most of us were unfamiliar with courtroom protocol, so we spoke quietly and tried to keep the kids entertained. The judge entered… Continue reading Why Does Adoption Cost So Much?

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Last-Minute 4th of July Deals

Who else here is a terrible planner? These deals are for those of you who will be running around town July 3rd grabbing outfits for the kids, food for the cookout, fireworks, and killer dessert ingredients. Home Depot has a great deal on Kingsford Charcoal for the seasoned grillmasters in the family: If you're looking… Continue reading Last-Minute 4th of July Deals

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DIY Foot Stank Spray

If you have boys, then you probably don't have time to read a long story about the time when the smell from my boys' shoes made me want to jump out of a moving car. Here's a few tips for keeping the wretched, road-kill smell at bay. Make a foot spray: (thanks Mix together 1/4… Continue reading DIY Foot Stank Spray


Before you Buy on Amazon…

Here's a tiny secret I've been holding back...there's a way to save HALF off on the stuff you're buying already on Amazon. The secret is used to be a website for Amazon sellers to offer discounts on their products in exchange for reviews (good or bad). Amazon recently changed their rules and incentivized… Continue reading Before you Buy on Amazon…

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Homemade Beef Jerky for Half the Price of Store-Bought

Growing up in a tiny town in rural Oklahoma, there was one week of the year that brought so much joy: The County Fair.There was one BBQ stand, in particular, that used to make their own beef jerky. It was a peppery meaty masterpiece. No jerky has ever come close to it, until I figured… Continue reading Homemade Beef Jerky for Half the Price of Store-Bought