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Acid on Your Face (The Hyaluronic Kind)


From someone who hates heavy creams and the gross, pore-clogging feeling it gives me….serums are my best friend.  I started buying (*ahem, reviewing) serums and found that I really really love them. I found the one thing they all have in common:

Hyaluronic Acid
What is Hyaluronic Acid? I’ll sum it up for you.

  • It’s naturally occurring in the body
  • Babies have a lot of hyaluronic acid in their skin which gives the soft, young, dewy feel
  • It’s great for ALL types of skin
  • One gram can hold up to six liters of water- think of how much moisture it can hold in your skin!
  • It firms, plumps, moisturizes, and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles

Need I say more?

This powerful ingredient is in serums and moisturizers at all price points. From $80/bottle to $12/bottle. They all have the same ingredient: Hyaluronic acid.

Guess what? You can make your own Hyaluronic Acid for a FRACTION of the price!

For the price of ONE bottle of Hyaluronic Serum, you can make 120 bottles of your own with 2 ingredients.

2 Tbps Distilled Water
1/8 tsp Hyaluronic Acid

Mix together in a dropper bottle and store in fridge. It will gel within a few hours and voila! You’re done. And you saved a crapton of money.  You can get fancy and add preservatives, vitamin C, or other things to your serum if you want. I would stay away from essential oils if you use the serum around your eyes, though.

Here’s where I buy the Hyaluronic Acid on Amazon.

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