How to Get Free Stuff from Amazon


I’m an Amazon junkie. I’ve had small children in my house for as long as I can remember so loading kids up and heading to a store sounds like absolute torture to me. $79 per year for things shipped free to my house? In two days? YES and YES.

They even appeal to my deal-seeking senses with their “subscribe and save” and “deals of the day.” But how to SAVE money on Amazon is another topic for another post.

Today, we’re talking about how to get stuff for absolutely FREE. Nothing. Zero.

Here are the basics:
If you have an Amazon profile, your reviews on different products that you buy can be found under your profile. When people look at products, they read reviews and “vote” on which ones are helpful. The more helpful votes you get, the higher your ranking gets. People tend to like reviews with pictures, descriptions, measurements, etc.. All the things you would want to know before you purchase something. Think of it as helping out your fellow shopper as you would in a grocery store line.

The more reviews you have, the better (obviously). But you do NOT have to purchase a million items on amazon to do a review on them. Do you have a brand of peanut butter you LOVE but you bought it at Walmart? You can still review it. It will not be listed as a “verified review” but it will still do the trick.

Step 1: Start Reviewing Everything. Something you love? Something you hate? Find it on Amazon (the exact one) and write a review that would be helpful to other people.

Step 2: Be specific and write more than three sentences. Add pictures if you can.

Step 3: Read the rules about Amazon Reviews. You want to follow the rules very carefully before you start receiving products for free. One slip-up and they will wipe out your account and you’ll have to start all over.

Step 4: Join Facebook groups that offer review items.

Step 5: Watch the free items pile up.

Here are my rules for my own personal Amazon reviewing journey:
1. I NEVER, ever, ever accept a refund AFTER a review. If a seller would like to send me a product to test and review, I am happy to accept and offer a detailed review. But when a seller holds a refund hostage just to get a 5 star review, that’s against the rules and frankly pretty shady.  There are plenty of great sellers who want honest feedback.

2. I don’t always LOVE a product that I test. If I don’t, then I reach out to the seller and talk to them about my concerns. In my experience, sellers have always been wonderful about hearing constructive feedback about how to make their product better. I’ve even re-written product descriptions for sellers before to help them out. Be nice and courteous always.  I tell them exactly what I’m going to write in my review and I write it.  I would say 85-90% of things that I test are great products.

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