Before you Buy on Amazon…


Here’s a tiny secret I’ve been holding back…there’s a way to save HALF off on the stuff you’re buying already on Amazon.

The secret is used to be a website for Amazon sellers to offer discounts on their products in exchange for reviews (good or bad). Amazon recently changed their rules and incentivized reviews are no longer allowed.

Bad news for sellers, good news for everyone else.

Vipon is now a website for everyone! Go scroll through their extensive list of Amazon products and find what you’re looking for. Grab a discount code. Add it to your cart. Boom. You just saved a ton.

Why do sellers offer these discounts?

Sellers need people to buy their products to get a better spot in the lineup. The more people buying their product means their product shows up more often in searches.  In order to get exposure for their products, they offer discounts.

Do I need to review the product?

Reviews are no longer required. It’s always a nice way to thank the seller for such a good discount, though. I like to review nearly every product I buy on Amazon, even if it’s just a few words. When you become a trusted reviewer, you will start getting product offers from sellers who need honest reviews on their product.

How do I sign up? 

It’s easy to set up an account and start saving. Go HERE and create an account and then start shopping!

Some Tips:

  • There are a limited amount of discount codes for each product. Sometimes the codes run out. No worries- just check back the next day to see if they have added new codes.
  • Also, sometimes the codes don’t work in the Amazon checkout and that’s a bummer. Just go back and put a “thumbs down” on the product code to alert Vipon.
  • There is a tiny “open in Amazon” option at the bottom of every image. You can click on that to open the product in Amazon to find better product descriptions, other reviews, and such. I suggest you always check out their Amazon page before buying.

Happy Shopping! 


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