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DIY Foot Stank Spray

Stinky Shoe Blues

If you have boys, then you probably don’t have time to read a long story about the time when the smell from my boys’ shoes made me want to jump out of a moving car.

Here’s a few tips for keeping the wretched, road-kill smell at bay.

Make a foot spray: (thanks

Mix together 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol or vodka and 4-5 drops of tea tree oil. Shake and spray on feet before putting on socks and shoes.

But let’s be real. You probably won’t have time to think about spraying your kids’ feet before throwing on shoes and running out the door to yet another baseball practice.

So here are some tips on getting the smell out of shoes AFTER they’ve made them smell like hot garbage and dying rodents.

  • Sprinkle baby powder, cornstarch, or baking powder in shoes, shake until the powder coats the inside. Dump out the rest.
  • If they can be washed, throw them in the washer with a few towels (for support), then dry in the sunshine.
  • Use the foot spray concoction (above) to spray directly into shoes at night. The alcohol kills off the smell and the tea tree oil gets rid of the bacteria causing the funk.
  • Spray a light coating of mouthwash into shoes and let dry.
  • Fill a bucket with water and throw in a pile of denture sanitizing tablets. Let shoes soak in that for an hour, then dry in the sunshine. Bacteria and odor should be gone and shoes will be minty fresh.
  • Tie shoes up in a pillowcase and stick in the freezer overnight. The bacteria can’t survive the cold.
  • Fill a sock with cedar wood shavings, stick in shoes overnight.
  • Use a 50/50 vinegar and water solution to spray into shoes and let dry (this is not my kids’ favorite…they hate the smell of vinegar).
  • Use lemon or orange peels to stuff inside shoes overnight. The citrus oils cleanse and de-funk, while adding a fresh scent.

If you have any others I haven’t tried yet, let me know below!

Good Luck with your Funk!



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